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Finding local engineering talent is one of the most pressing problems among technology executives. It takes 3-6 months to hire local engineers. Salaries are often inflated in a high-demand developer marketplace, and turnover is high.

As engineering managers, we directly experienced these challenges. Faced with local talent shortages, we traveled far and wide in search of top-rated engineers. Over the course of 10 years, we refined two strategies that when combined, solve the resourcing problem, and provide tech executives with advantages they never had before!

Resolving Talent Acquisition in Software Engineering

We successfully executed these two strategies in parallel, for ourselves and for our clients: software product companies, IT development services, and agencies.


Distributed Hub

A team of engineers centralized like your internal team, only in a different region with a well educated, larger talent pool. The strategy is well understood among global tech companies. Yet we successfully deployed teams for startups to small and mid-size businesses, very cost effectively.

Selecting the right regions is critical. A balance of western culture, U.S. engineering standards, and top-rated universities.

Remote developers work as extensions of your internal team, on the same projects, or as independent teams. They are dedicated to your business.

A hub means they are in physical proximity, usually in the same office.  This structure is simpler to manager than fully distributed individuals, and offers you leverage in on-boarding and communications. Their overhead, training, and retention is managed by trusted providers whom we’ve vetted with long-term projects.


Distributed Process

The processes and communication disciplines that enable your internal team to work productively with remote engineers. Often these are adjustments to your current Agile Scrum process.

Studies conclude that running distributed developers requires adjustments to process and communication.

As engineering managers, we learned these disciplines, practiced for 10 years, and can guide your leads to transition and run distributed teams successfully.

When your engineering leads are proficient in these practices, you gain significant talent and project resourcing options: you can ramp in and out contracted developers much more easily, or you can hire distributed U.S. engineers, tapping a much larger talent pool.

Faster talent

Your team resides at a software development provider, with a respected market presence and the flexibility to allocate engineers from its existing staff or hire for specific skills.

Less to manage

Your team is fully managed: hiring, retention, continued education, performance reviews, salary negotiations. They are located in professional offices with all the requisite resources to serve your project.

Ramp up or down

You have the flexibility to ramp up and down the team as your business demands. Our clients appreciate this flexibility! That said, most of our clients keep growing their teams, year over year!

High caliber talent

We work in a select set of regions where the caliber of talent is strong, and the level of professionalism on par with U.S. software engineers.

Our high standards result in comments like this from our clients’ engineers “They are as talented as we are, and we enjoy working with them!”

The image here is from an autonomous robot battle competition we attended at the Technical University near a few of our partners.


Your team is located in a region where the Computer Science curriculum is rigorous and the standards of education are on par with U.S. engineering colleges.


Developers are 100% fluent in English, and are proactive communicators. Additionally, developers are trained in processes, particularly Agile Scrum.


Teams are from regions that are western in culture, where independence and a proactive nature is valued. In other words, their culture is like yours.

We Deployed
Remote Engineers

Traveled On site

Managed Teams

Your relationship with us

We work for you as consultants with experience launching dozens of teams. We have years of on-the-ground experience in Central/Eastern Europe. We are not “middlemen”. Our aim is to guide your engineering team to operational success. We’re working with your leads until your team is productive and your comfort level is strong.

“TeamFound helped us establish a remote engineering hub in Eastern Europe. As a result, we’ve successfully expanded both our core platform and devops units, to fulfill our product initiatives. We use the distributed team model to enable us to work with talented people who aren’t in our local region, both in the U.S. and offshore.”

Ryan Freebern
Director of Engineering, Union Street Media

“We’ve successfully augmented our start-up’s engineering team with talented remote developers. TeamFound saved us months of research and lowered our risk by quickly guiding us to the right developers, and by supporting us during the initial phase of our collaboration.”

Wojo Wietecha, CTO of AdYapper

“TeamFound guided us toward a provider who specialized in our technology and with whom we have a long-term trust based collaboration. TeamFound was instrumental in helping us establish software engineering processes, quality assurance solutions and communication practices that is enabling us to successfully manage our offshore team. We’ve been able to achieve product development objectives and resolve our resourcing issues thanks to TeamFound!”

Sarah Dupras
VP of The Home Service Store

“TeamFound has helped us tremendously as we’ve established relationships with various IT and professional service organizations. Ron is a very effective negotiator and is careful to follow through on all of his business dealings. We have complete trust in TeamFound and their integrity and dedication is rock solid.”

Sophie Huang
SVP International & Enterprise Initiatives, MyWebGrocer