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Talent Solutions

Finding engineering talent is one of the most pressing problems among technology executives. It takes 3-6 months to hire local engineers and retention is challenging in a high-demand developer marketplace. We serve software companies, large and small, tech startups and agencies in building high-performing distributed teams.

Technology Solutions

We work with business leaders and entrepreneurs, combining local technology consulting with world-class development partners to build and support business solutions, B2B and B2C applications.

Distributed Team Hubs

Solve local talent constraints

Distributed Performance

Crafting high-performing distributed teams

Technology Solutions

Combining local technology consulting with specialized development partners to build and support business solutions, B2B and B2C applications.

What our clients say

“TeamFound helped us establish a remote engineering hub in Eastern Europe. As a result, we’ve successfully expanded both our core platform and devops units, to fulfill our product initiatives. We use the distributed team model to enable us to work with talented people who aren’t in our local region, both in the U.S. and offshore.”

Ryan Freebern
Director of Engineering, Union Street Media

“We’ve successfully augmented our start-up’s engineering team with talented remote developers. TeamFound saved us months of research and lowered our risk by quickly guiding us to the right developers, and by supporting us during the initial phase of our collaboration.”

Wojo Wietecha, CTO of AdYapper

“Ron was instrumental in guiding us toward a provider who specialized in our technology. Not only did Ron help us select a talented team of multiple disciplines that is now well integrated into our business, he also assisted us in establishing software engineering processes, quality assurance solutions and communication practices that enabled us to successfully manage our teams. Thanks to TeamFound, we now have a long-term trust based collaboration, enabling us to achieve aggressive product development objectives and resolve our on going resourcing issues.”

Sarah Dupras
VP of The Home Service Store

“TeamFound has helped us tremendously as we’ve established relationships with various IT and professional service organizations. Ron is a very effective negotiator and is careful to follow through on all of his business dealings. We have complete trust in TeamFound and their integrity and dedication is rock solid.”

Sophie Huang
SVP International & Enterprise Initiatives, MyWebGrocer

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