About Ron Herman

I truly enjoy my work, its diversity and challenges, and the privilege of serving a wide range of clients, from startups to mature SaaS businesses. I can describe my professional capabilities in two dimensions:

Firstly as grounded in a successful 20-year career in Software Engineering, Engineering Management, and CTO roles. Throughout this period I’ve developed innovative technologies and managed local and remote offshore engineering teams.

Secondly as a guide in helping business leaders, mainly CEO’s and CTO’s, make their outsourcing initiatives successful the first time. I’m well attuned to the diverse challenges business leaders face, especially related to technology personnel, performance issues, and speed of delivery. And I enjoy empowering them with additional levers and options in successfully executing their R&D. Besides my procurement work, I also roll-up my sleeves and stay on the project to assure my client’s local and remote teams are performing well and bringing real value to the business.

Travel wise, you can imagine that I’m on a plane a lot visiting outsourcing providers on-site. Mostly to Eastern Europe but now also gearing up for South/Central America… “feet on the ground” is a differentiator for me.

Each year, I also engage with some entrepreneurs as Technology Advisor, guiding them in their technology vision, strategy, and development paths.

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