As business owners and technology executives, one of the most difficult challenges we face is recruiting and retaining talented software engineers. The causes are diverse: a very competitive hiring market, high turnover, a region with few engineering graduates, or a technology without a stable talent base.

I started TeamFound having deployed and managed multiple remote engineering teams, and experiencing first-hand how the distributed hub model not only solves the resourcing bottleneck, but also offers businesses more scalability, flexibility, and technology expertise than they ever imagined.

Ron Herman

My role at TeamFound:

One: Continuously cultivate relationships with top-performing providers, enabling me to better guide my clients towards rewarding trusted partnerships. This involves many on-site visits particularly in Eastern Europe and a lot of one-on-one’s with provider leadership, managers, and engineers.

Two: Consult on building high-performing engineering teams, with special expertise in working with distributed teams. I coach teams on how to excel in distributed engineering work.

Three: Consult on B2B and B2C application & MVP development

My background is Computer Science. I’ve worked in multiple Software Engineering roles, including Engineering Management and CTO.

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