I’ve worked in multiple Software Engineering roles, including Software Engineer, Engineering Management and CTO – overall a 20-year career. Throughout this period I’ve deployed and managed many remote engineering teams, and designed their operations, processes, their integration with centralized teams, and ultimately their value to the business. It’s been quite a journey!

As an independent consultant, I’m well attuned to the diverse challenges business leaders face, especially related to technology personnel, performance, people management, and pursuing innovations. My approach is firstly discovery – making sure we’re aligned on the challenges. If I can bring value to you, I’ll offer my services, which can be a mix of consulting, team/provider acquisition, and on-going support/advisory. I offer my experienced perspective to both business and technology leaders, in the capacity needed. The solution is customized to your needs. It’s the whole picture that matters.

I also enjoy working with entrepreneurs who seek experienced guidance in formulating their technology strategy, MVP, and finding a great development partner.

Ron Herman

The purpose of my work is to bring you valuable perspectives, effective methodologies, and a network of people whose culture is principally about service and integrity.

A key differentiator in my consulting practice is that I bring to bear a broad range of highly capable development partners and specialists. And my approach is to give you a direct relationship with them.

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