Augment your internal staff, or launch an independent team. Distributed Team Hubs are a team of developers centralized in a region with a well educated, larger talent pool. It solves local talent constraints while giving you leverage and simplified management. We deploy teams for technology companies, startups, and agencies very cost effectively, and serve as advisors in creating high-performing teams.

Faster talent

No more waiting 3-6 months to find your developer. Your team resides at a software development provider, with a respected market presence and the flexibility to allocate engineers from its existing staff or hire quickly from a larger talent pool.

Less to manage

Your team is fully managed: hiring, retention, continued education, performance reviews, salary negotiations. They are located in professional offices with all the requisite resources to serve your project.

Ramp up or down

You have the flexibility to ramp up and down the team as your business demands. Our clients appreciate this flexibility! That said, most of our clients keep growing their teams, year over year!

You’re in Good Company

Companies such as Automattic (WordPress), Zapier, Basecamp, Help Scout, WooThemes, GitHub, Treehouse, to name a few, have written extensively about their remote teams. Software engineering, being highly structured with patterns, practices, and standardized processes is very effective in distributed team work.

Geographic freedom = strategic advantages

Talent is harder to find and harder to retain. The median tenure among even the most attractive tech companies such as Google and Amazon is less than 2 years! With this shift in employment culture, why stick to the same resourcing tactics?  It’s time executives sought better, more agile resourcing solutions.

Adapt to Business Demands

Distributed team hubs are more responsive to business demands, enabling far easier growth and reduction in resourcing, without impacting culture or developer commitment.

Launch Products Faster

When you’re not delayed in hiring a developer, or battling local talent constraints, you get to market faster.

World Class Developers

When Eastern European and South American engineers are winning global awards, that’s worth your attention. Strong developers build great products. We never compromise on talent, and neither should you. Learn more.

More Diverse Skills

Pulling a developer off one technology into another carries risk and takes time. Distributed models enable you to find the expertise you need on-demand, and for a duration of your choice.

Contract or Hire

The processes that allow you to work effectively with distributed teams, gives you the flexibility to utilize remote contractors or remote employees. Learn more about distributed performance.

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