eBook on Romania Software Outsourcing


I am pleased to announce the release of TeamFound’s new ebook: [ebook no longer available]

We traveled to Romania numerous times, researched 100+ companies, and interviewed 20+ Romanian software providers.  The result: 8 highly recommended IT/Software providers with extensive profiles in our new 62-page ebook.

This ebook will reduce your risk and save you weeks of research and travel time to find the right Romanian technology provider for your software or IT project.

Profiles include key differentiators, sales figures, vertical focus, application focus, key customers, technical expertise, descriptions of projects developed and products owned, certifications, and awards.

The ebook also includes an extensive introduction to

  • Romania as an outsourcing destination (with photos)
  • Selecting your provider
  • Running your pilot project
  • Navigating through interviews and negotiations
  • Integrating quality assurance

Why this ebook?  As a software manager with 4 years experience sourcing to Romanian providers, I’m impressed by the high quality of their work and their outstanding customer service.  I believe many companies in North America and Western Europe who are struggling to find software resources can benefit from the skills and professionalism of Romanian developers.

As I write in the ebook, “The Romanian IT professionals we have worked with have that mix that makes projects succeed: a proactive nature, technical veracity, strong execution of software engineering processes, and excellent English skills.”

Also, I wrote this ebook because I wish that I had a guide like this 4 years ago.

I would like to thank all those who helped and supported this project (you know who you are), and the providers with whom I worked and interviewed on-site.

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