Savvy business leaders utilize remote engineering teams to break free from local hiring constraints, and gain budget flexibility, scale, and cost advantages. We guide you through the procurement process in selecting a trusted, vetted remote engineering team, and we guide your internal team through the practices that result in successful distributed team work.

Getting it right the first time

Choosing the right provider is the one decision that most determines your success or failure. Many managers fail to get it right. We’ve vetted software engineering providers in Eastern Europe and South America with real-world projects over the past 10 years. There’s a lot of learning that goes with this experience.

It's all about trust

When the going gets tough, you want to know that you can lean hard on your partners, and that they will execute well under pressure. This kind of trust can only be developed over time. We can shorten that cycle for you significantly.

Focused on high-performance

Local teams are often unprepared to operate with remote developers. There is often a need for process and workflow adjustments, as well as developing “virtual skills”. We offer our guidance to speed you through the common challenges, and enable you to excel in distributed software development.

You’re in Good Company

Companies such as Automattic (WordPress), Zapier, Basecamp, Help Scout, WooThemes, GitHub, Treehouse, to name a few, have written extensively about their remote teams. Software engineering, being highly structured with patterns, practices, and standardized processes is very effective in distributed team work.

Geographic freedom = strategic advantages

Talent is harder to find and harder to retain. The median tenure among even the most attractive tech companies such as Google and Amazon is less than 2 years! With this shift in employment culture, business leaders are seeking to diversify their resourcing options. We’ve helped our clients gain talent, flexibility, scale, and cost advantages with highly skilled and vetted remote teams.

Faster Talent

No more waiting 3-6 months to find your developer. Your team resides at a software development provider, with a respected market presence and the flexibility to allocate engineers from its existing staff or hire quickly from a larger talent pool.

Scale Up or Down

Gain the flexibility to scale up and down the team as your business demands. And rest assured that when you need to scale, you’ll have all the support you need.

World Class Developers

When Eastern European and South American engineers are winning global awards, that’s worth your attention! Strong developers build great products. We never compromise on talent, and neither should you. Learn more.

More Diverse Skills

Pulling a developer off one technology into another carries risk and incurs additional time. Remote partners enable you to find the expertise you need on-demand, and for a duration of your choice.

Contract or Hire

It’s a virtuous cycle: the processes your internal team adapt to, that enable them to work effectively with remote contracted partners, give you the flexibility to also utilize remote employees. Learn more about distributed performance.

Less to Manage

Your team is fully managed: hiring, retention, continued education, performance reviews, salary negotiations. They are located in professional offices with all the requisite resources to serve your project.

“We approached Ron two years ago to help us solve the problem of acquiring enough engineering talent in a competitive hiring market. We were growing fast and while we were hiring locally, we also wanted alternative solutions. Ron helped us establish a remote software development team, to augment our internal staff in development and support of our SaaS platform. After a successful pilot, where the remote team worked independently on a complex project, we knew their talent was high caliber and we could work with them. Since then, we’ve had a long-term productive relationship with the remote team and have gradually expanded it. They continue to serve us today, with solid performance in three separate units. Ron’s early guidance and continued support was instrumental in making this relationship a success.” Inntopia
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