Great performing teams are built on trust

It’s more difficult to establish trust when you’re working with a team member remotely, especially one whom you’ve never met. But teammates have to trust each other.

The most efficient approach to building trust is to bring teammates together in-person. There is no faster, more impactful way to build relationships, to get to know each other, than to meet face-to-face. Studies have shown that if a team meets in-person during the first 90 days of the collaboration, the project has a much better chance to succeed.

If your budget allows an early in-person visit, great. If not, consider scheduling an annual in-person meeting, rotating team members, one or two members at a time to visit the home office.

A more continuous approach that is also effective is scheduling weekly or bi-weekly hangouts to enable teams to virtually get together, and do lighting talks, demos, and otherwise share experiences.

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