For Pete’s sake, turn on your web cam!

Whatever your reason for keeping it off: bags under your eyes, bad hair day, etc,  pales in comparison to the good reasons for turning it on.  Seeing our colleagues face-to-face is critical to the psychological drivers of healthy team work. Every experienced lead or manager knows the importance of looking someone in the eye.

Even though your team members may be thousands of miles away, a web cam enables you to see them as though they were right there next to you.  No, it’s not the same, but it does go a long way towards building camaraderie, getting to know your co-workers, and improving the working relationship of the team.

Buying webcams for your team is a very small price to pay for the overwhelming benefits.  Not every conversation needs video.  I recommend using video at least twice each week. is an advanced team video collaboration tool. Skype is okay. Best are tools that your team can spontaneously use, without the need for an organizer. Think of it like walking over to your buddy’s desk.

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