How We Work – Remote Engineering Teams

TeamFound serves as an independent consultancy, guiding you to vetted and trusted engineering outsourcing providers. And we assist and support you hands-on in making your project and remote team successful.

First Meeting

In our first meeting, we typically discuss your project and engineering or personnel needs.  I’m happy to relay my experience in what’s available in the marketplace, what outcomes you can expect, and how these play in provider types and different geographies.

We also discuss any concerns you have with the project or a potential provider relationship, whether it be managing timezones, communication, process, or building trust. As a guide for my clients, I am especially tuned into your concerns and are happy to offer you my perspective.

By the end of our meeting we should both have a good idea whether TeamFound’s services are a good fit for your project. I typically followup with a proposal detailing our services based upon your needs.

Engineering Outsourcing Advisory & Procurement

Outcome assessment: We discuss what top outcomes you’re seeking with your project, and in a relationship with an external partner. I work with you and members of your team to more firmly establish specific goals and parameters for your provider engagement.

I also look at various internal factors such as team makeup, capabilities, and operational processes to better establish how an outsourcing provider can integrate with your team, or serve in an independent capacity, and what support or adjustments may be needed internally to make the initiative succeed.

Procurement service: Utilizing both TeamFound’s experience in vetted providers, and other providers in the marketplace, I conduct a structured RFP process. The process enables us to evaluate and vet potential providers in a structured manner, enabling the “interview team”, those whom you choose to be a part of the process, to collaborate and make more informed decisions.

The regions where clients have been successful include select parts of Eastern Europe, and South/Central America. If it makes budgetary sense, we also look at domestic options.

The end of our procurement process results in you having a high comfort level with one or two providers. The process takes only a few weeks.

On-boarding Support

On-boarding support is designed to assist and enable your internal managers through the early stages of the provider relationship, with the goal of facilitating good operations and performance as quickly as possible. This is a key differentiator. You work with an experienced engineering manager who has launched and managed dozens of remote teams. I help you navigate through common challenges, and shorten your path to good performance.

On-boarding support is typically 1 to 3 months into your engagement with the technology provider.


Most engagements are less expensive than an employee recruiter, and your results are a pipeline of developers, rather than 1 developer, as well as a trusted relationship with a provider for the years to come. The Outsourcing Advisory & Procurement is structured as a flat fee. The On-boarding Support is a monthly retainer, and generally includes fewer than 16 hours/month. The duration is your choice – projects are usually 3-months long, depending on how much support you require.

All our fees are fully transparent.

Working with Ron has been a game changer for Localvore. Through Ron, we found an incredibly reliable and affordable team, which is now a great advantage to us. He was key at enabling the business to launch key product initiatives and getting the right provider fit the first time was critical while you are on the clock. The team’s integrity and work ethic is awesome, and Ron’s guidance throughout the process was absolutely essential.” – Dan White, CEO, Localvore

Ron has helped us tremendously as we’ve established relationships with various IT and professional service organizations. He is a very effective negotiator and is careful to follow through on all of his business dealings. We have complete trust in Ron and his integrity and dedication is rock solid.” – Sophie Huang, SVP Engineering, MyWebGrocer