Remote Software Developers LAMP, PHP, Open-Source, WordPress

Client: Vermont and New Hampshire retail establishment
Industry: Jewelry, Ecommerce
Technology: LAMP, PHP, Open-source
Remote Team: 1 Software Developer
Location of remote team: Eastern Europe

What were your software challenges?

In our trade, it’s a real challenge to run ecommerce operations because product data comes from diverse sources, and is frequently changing. We were also faced with having to sink a lot of cost into a limited ecommerce solution, which served us up to that point, but would not enable us to grow effectively. We needed a better path.

How did TeamFound help you?

Ron first worked with us as a software consultant. He had 11 years experience in ecommerce as an engineer and software manager. He advised us on a software architecture that incorporates (a) a modern well-established ecommerce platform, (b) web service API’s, and (c) a custom merchandising application. These three elements work together to enable us to work with diverse data sets, merchandize effectively, and grow our online sales.

TeamFound then tapped their network to help us find the right developers. We established a direct relationship with a provider in Romania. We have no experience with offshore engineering, but Ron helped us setup a communications and development processes and guided us along the way. That made all the difference!

How would you characterize your engagement with a remote engineering provider?

We worked with a developer who performed quite a wide set of activities: from customizing an ecommerce platform, to developing API’s and a custom merchandising application. He also managed our data operations for a while, until we were able to train our staff. Working with a vetted provider, rather than just any company or freelancer, gave us greater confidence. TeamFound steered us to utilize their architects, code reviewers, and software testers when needed, thereby knowing that the software was on solid grounding. And we had multiple communication points. We also didn’t have to worry about our developer dropping the project. When it came to ramping-down the engineering effort, the provider was very accommodating, offering us a flexible plan.

How did your communication with the remote developer go?

We met weekly using GoToMeeting with webcams on. Our discussion points were organized into “Issues” that are documented in a software project management tool. Ron facilitated the meetings. We had direct discussions with a developer whose communications and english is excellent. We functioned quite well as a team.

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