Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I sign a contract with?
With the software provider directly. TeamFound is your guide to making a remote development team highly effective for your business, from the very beginning. No trial and error is needed. We’ve done all the vetting and project testing. And we show your managers how to successfully run remote developers.  We’re there for you, for as long as you want our help.  TeamFound has a separate agreement for this consulting activity.

What does it cost and how am I billed?
Prices are hourly, and are billed at the end of each month. You receive an itemized report. Rates range depending on the provider, region, and level of the developers you want on the team: mid-level, seniors, software architects or project managers. We can advise you on team composition. Rates are very attractive, since we focus on Eastern Europe and South America. We’re happy to give you specific rates upon contacting us.

How good are the developers, really?
You’re going to be impressed! They are at a very high caliber technically. U.S. developers enjoy working with them. They graduate from top-ranking technical universities, and work in emerging high-tech markets with an established engineering culture.

How well do they communicate?
Super well. Developers are fluent in English. And they are very culturally similar to developers in the U.S. We can arrange a conversation for you 🙂

I’ve heard some bad stories about outsourcing. Why do projects fail?
It’s because they work with the wrong providers, whose management and developers aren’t prepared to serve U.S. businesses: their developers have difficulty communicating and lack the cultural similarity with their clients, and because they can’t match the talent in the U.S.  We don’t tolerate that kind of experience.  Our clients are very successful with their remote teams – we’re happy to provide you with references.

How do remote teams compare with co-located (centralized) developers?
From a talent perspective it’s the same. Even our clients say so. There are, however, differences between managing co-located people and managing remote people. Generally, the more disciplined your managers are about software engineering processes, the more success you will have. Most of our consulting work is helping engineering teams button-up their processes and workflows to work better with remote developers.

Does TeamFound sell outsourcing?
It’s not our value proposition. Outsourcing means contracting work to a firm across town (local) or across an ocean (offshore). Outsourcing is a very broad term referring to utilizing resources not employed by your organization. While outsourcing is an element of our service, the concept does little to communicate what we really do.  TeamFound helps organizations break-out of the constraints of co-located engineering.  Our aim is to empower you with trusted relationships with providers and the know-how (processes) that enables you to work effectively with talent regardless of their geography.  To know that you are not limited by internal resources to get your projects completed with high quality and care – that’s real value.  To know that you can effectively utilize remote engineers, whether they are contracted or employed, gives most HR teams and engineering managers freedom to find the best talent, regardless of location.  To know that executives don’t have to commit indefinitely to those engineers, meaning they can ramp-up a temporary or longer-term team – that’s the kind of leverage we bring to you.