Guide for Leads of Distributed Teams

About This Guide

Managing distributed developers is different than managing a co-located team. Recognizing this is the first step towards making the enterprise successful. At TeamFound we’ve worked with many software development teams, often teams who venture to work with remote engineers for the first time.  This guide summarizes some key points in running distributed teams successfully.

If you’re a manager or team lead, and you want to better prepare for expanding your team with remote developers, or if you want to improve your current distributed operations, this guide is for you.

Table of Contents

Software development processes are your foundations
Setting roles and expectations
Develop a culture of accountability
Encourage truth and problem solving in stand-ups
Ownership is not easily measured, but more valuable
Take opportunities to foster a collaborative atmosphere
Characteristics of an effective team leader
Conduct one-on-one’s
Attention is your greatest asset
Emails are lost to the team
For Pete’s sake, turn on your web cam!
Great performing teams are built on trust
Tell the story. Rally them behind a common goal


Ron Herman running a workshop for software engineering leads

Ron Herman running a “How to Manage Remote Teams” workshop for 16 engineering leads and managers.