Romanian IT Primer at TechCrunch


In the TechCrunch article With A Talent War In The Valley, Perhaps Romania Has The Answers, Maria Constantinescu makes some generalizations about the culture, technical skills, and value of Romanian developers. The article is worth reading for those talent mongers unfamiliar with Romania as an IT outsourcing destination.

Taking a different angle on “The Valley”, I’ve often noted to my colleagues that Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, and other emerging Romanian IT hubs are a Silicon Valley waiting to happen.  When the business and marketing halves of the new Romanian economy catch up to these highly skilled Romanian developers, we will see unstoppable socioeconomic flipping points.  As Seth Godin puts it, these are “the outcome of an activated internal conversation.”  It’s started already among some young Romanian entrepreneurs.  The conversation goes something like, “Why not Romania? Why not here? Why not me?”  We see it with Slickflick, Branient, ShareYourCart and other Romanian ventures.

Meanwhile, and probably for a long time to come, Romania offers the rest of the world a rich pool of engineering talent.

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