Whether you are a startup or an established business seeking to develop or modernize software solutions, TeamFound can help. I serve as resource or technology advisor focused on your business goals. My clients benefit from the local consultancy combined with a network of world-class technology partners, experts in select technologies and industries, that I’ve developed over the past 10 years. It’s the local relationship plus the opportunity to work with project-tested trusted specialists.

Technology Advisor

I offer business-focused technology advice, meaning I start with your business goals and help you map out a technology strategy and roadmap to get you there. The key to lower-risk, successful projects is to focus on the value proposition and develop a plan to iteratively validate that your technology solution achieves the expected value for your customers.

Development Expertise

Software, mobility, or IoT solutions can take many execution paths, depending on your existing technologies, internal skills, target audience, and delivery strategy. TeamFound helps you structure your RFP, collect project estimations, and move forward with greater confidence. We utilized a network of vetted technology providers, with whom we’ve run other projects. In this way, we lower your risk and bring you real options by specialists who can serve you from inception to SLA.

Clarify the value proposition
Identify risks and systematically de-risk
Establish technology options
Product specifications and use cases
Assemble a technology team
Negotiate contracts
Manage product development
Develop prototypes