Virtual Team Launch Kit Released!

The first step in ensuring a successful high-performing virtual team is recognizing that virtual teams function differently than co-located teams.

Eight months ago we launched a remote software development team for a client in Baltimore, MD.  We invited two team members from Eastern Europe to attend a 1-week orientation. TeamFound was on-site for the first two days to administer team kick-off meetings and run guidance sessions for managers.  Today, 8 months later, the team is going strong and has proven to be a valuable asset to our client.

We structured the kick-off meetings according to a system we derived from our experience in managing remote teams. The program looked like this:

  • Getting to know each other, building trust
  • Clarify goals and relay purpose
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Process and workflows
  • Team norms
  • Tools and technology
  • Programming and design expectations
  • Action items

Because of our client’s positive feedback and the results they experienced, we decided to structure similar kick-off meetings for other customers.  That lead us to writing a Virtual Team Launch Kit..  The launch kit includes a detailed kick-off program (above), as well as the following:

Pre-Launch Considerations

  • Team member roles and responsibilities
  • The right combination of technical and “virtual” skills to work effectively in a virtual environment
  • Supporting effective communication and sharing of information
  • Recognizing and rewarding team and individual team members

The Role of a Virtual Team Leader

  • Managing Change
  • Fostering a Collaborative Atmosphere
  • Communicating Team Goals
  • Strong Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Empower Team Members

We hope the launch kit serves as a reference guide to our clients in support of our consultation services, in addition to a means of disseminating remote team management skills across their organizations.

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